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Current projects:

SAMBAL Technology Labs

SAMBAL has opened technology labs in Kilinochchi, Valalai, and Nalinakapuram and we plan to expand to other locations in northern Sri Lanka the coming months. These labs are equipped with Dell state-of-the-art desktop computers. English and Computer Science classes are provided with a student-teacher-ratio of 3:1 and, at the request of the children, we are currently seeking lecturers to provide instruction in additional Science courses as well. Classes are conducted primarily for students in Grades 6-9 and are held on weekends to supplement the students’ primary education. SAMBAL has also provided puzzles and games such as chess to each lab to provide additional intellectual engagement for students before and after classes. Donations to SAMBAL Technology labs will go towards operational costs for the labs such as lecturer allowances, rent, utilities, and additional games. All capital expenditures (e.g., computer purchases) are funded by Saverimuthu Family Foundation, a 501c3 organization.

Educational Field Trips

SAMBAL has sponsored three educational field trips to local cultural and historical sites for students who have never left their local communities. SAMBAL Technology Lab students have requested an additional field trip outside of the northern province. Donations to Educational Field Trips will go to the costs of this trip such as bus rentals, accommodation, food, and entrance fees. Individual Student Sponsorships In the past, SAMBAL provided full monthly sponsorships to students under age 18. Moving forward, SAMBAL provides this solely on a per request basis for certain students facing excessive hardships (e.g., deceased parents, parents with disabilities.) Additionally, some students have requested bicycles to assist with transportation to school from remote areas where there are no bus routes. Email for further inquiry on individual student donations.